Dental Fillings Shouldn’t Scare You Because They Help Preserve Your Natural Teeth

Dental Fillings Shouldn’t Scare You Because They Help Preserve Your Natural Teeth

October 7, 2021

If recommended dental fillings by Jackson Square dental center, there is no need for you to startle yourself because the dentist from the facility is trying to save your natural tooth. Dentists recommend dental fillings to treat cavities after removing the decayed material. However, cavities are not the only reason why dentists recommend dental fillings. Fillers also help repair cracked and broken teeth besides teeth worn from habits like nailbiting and tooth grinding.

If the dentist in Hamilton, Ontario, discovers cavities in your teeth during routine dental exams, they recommend you have them treated right away to inhibit them from creating more damage. Therefore, you must understand cavities don’t heal by themselves unless you act against them by accepting the dentist’s view to sealing the hole using filling materials suitable for the location where the cavity is situated.

What Are the Steps in Getting Dental Fillings for Cavities?

If you must get fillings for cavities in your tooth, the dentist first x-rays the tooth to determine the extent of the damage. Next, you receive local anesthesia around the affected tooth to numb the area. Next, the Hamilton dentist near you makes use of a drill or other instruments to remove the decayed portion of the tooth.

After tooth decay removal, the dentist probes the area to determine whether all decay is removed. After confirming the hollow space is entirely free from any pollution, the dentist prepares the open space for a filling by cleaning the cavity and removing any bacteria or debris.

Finally, the dentist places a filling in the hollow space according to the tooth’s location and the extent of the decay. For example, if the cavity is on a molar, you can expect to get a silver amalgam of metal fillings because they are durable and can withstand the higher pressures of chewing by the molars. However, if you have a cavity on the front teeth, the dentist provides you with a tooth-coloured filling using dental composite to ensure your aesthetic appearance is not affected.

The area around the affected tooth will likely remain numb for about an hour until the anesthesia you received wears off. After that, you can continue with your regular activities ensuring you don’t try to eat before the numbing medication has worn off entirely for fear of biting your cheeks and lips.

Do not assume you are getting permanent tooth fillings on your molars when receiving metal fillings. All dental fillings have a lifespan ranging from five to 15 years or five to seven years, and replacements become necessary after that.

Dental Fillings Also Help Treat Damaged Teeth

If you have a severely damaged tooth making it prone to breakages and visit dental fillings in Hamilton, ON, they will likely recommend dental crowns to protect the damaged tooth from further breakage. However, if you cannot afford or undergo the dental crown procedure for any reason, the dentist can help you by providing a temporary filling with composite material as a safeguard for the tooth. Remember, the temporary filling will not last you forever and needs replacement as soon as possible with the treatment the dentist recommended.

Many people are affected by orthodontic problems leaving them with gaps between their teeth. Orthodontic treatments are expensive and require three years or more to correct problems with the teeth. People wanting to delay orthodontic treatment or avoid it because the gaps aren’t significant frequently contact dentists to get teeth gap fillings from tooth-coloured filling materials as an alternative to orthodontic treatments.

As is evident dental fillings help protect and save your teeth from damages due to tooth decay, detrimental habits and even minor injuries. Besides getting cavity fillings requiring local anesthesia and enduring the dental drill, all other types of filling procedures are comfortable and painless.

Why are Fillings Essential For Teeth?

When you are affected by tooth decay, the bacteria in your mouth erode the tooth enamel to penetrate it and cause havoc within the tooth, moving on to infect the tooth pulp and even your jawbone besides neighboring teeth. Therefore, you must have dental fillings to prevent further damages by the bacteria within your tooth.

Gapped teeth impact your smile and your self-confidence. Closing the gaps as best possible using tooth-coloured composite fillings helps you smile better and move around confidently with your friends or family members.

Broken and damaged teeth are breeding grounds for bacteria in your mouth to begin working hard on the food particles remaining in your mouth and leading to cavity formation on your teeth. Dental fillings help prevent all the issues mentioned in this article and are why they are essential for your teeth if recommended by your dentist.