Dr. Omran - BDS

Dr. Omran


Dr Omran is a BDS dentist graduated in 2008 from Gazira university in Sudan. She practiced there for 2 years in national hospitals and rural areas. In 2011 she moved to Saudi Arabia, became a member of the Saudi Medical Council, having a great opportunities to observe and work next to highly-trained clinicians who balanced their technical skills with an artistic sensibility ,following  advanced knowledge and dental technology. In 2014 she moved to Canada , completed the NDEB  exams by 2015 as one of the licensed dentists in the country. Her passion to dentistry making her continuously seeking out training and professional development opportunities that allow her remain aware of new dental practices and latest technology being considered or used. Dr Omran’s mission is to provide comprehensive dental services to all patients in an environment that is safe, reassuringly pleasant, and comfortable using her effective communication skills in English and Arabic.

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