How to Choose the Right Dentist for Your Dental Bridge Procedure?

How to Choose the Right Dentist for Your Dental Bridge Procedure?

June 1, 2022

When seeking out any medical service, you must do diligence to learn as much as possible about your treatment, the medical facility, and the doctor treating you. Only in medical emergencies are you unable to fully review your medical expert. In the same measure, before getting dental bridges, you should do a thorough background check about your dentist, figuring out whether they are right for your treatment.

What Are Dental Bridges?

They are artificial teeth that replace missing teeth in dentistry. Dentists use dental bridges in Hamilton, ON, to replace between 1 and 4 missing teeth in a row. A typical dental bridge features a false tooth, also called a pontic, and two dental crowns. The dental crowns cover the adjacent teeth to support the pontic replacing the missing tooth.

The procedure for getting dental bridges heavily relies on your adjacent teeth. You need two healthy adjacent teeth to receive traditional oral bridges. Your dentist will prepare the adjacent teeth by trimming the enamel. The goal is to remove as much tooth enamel as necessary to create room for the dental crown crucial for supporting the bridgework. The dentist will do this for both adjacent teeth. However, in the case of cantilever bridges, one adjacent tooth is enough to support the pontic and complete the tooth replacement treatment. Either way, after preparation, your dentist will then take impressions of your mouth and use them to develop your dental bridge. The installation of the bridge relies on dental bonding, adhering it to your natural teeth.

What Makes Dental Bridges Worthwhile?

If you are planning to replace your lost teeth, you should know that dental bridges are not the only restorations that can get the job done. You can opt for complete or partial dentures. However, dental bridges have some unique advantages that make them worthwhile, including the following:

  1. They are natural-looking – the porcelain material that makes dental bridges is tooth-colored and easily comparable to the color of natural teeth. After replacing your teeth with oral bridges, you can hardly tell the difference between them.
  2. Durability – dental bridges can last for over 15 years if you take care of them properly after your treatment.
  3. Perfect for single tooth replacement – if you have just one tooth missing, you do not need to extract a few more to replace them. Dental bridges can replace one tooth without damaging any other natural tooth.
  4. Minimally invasive procedure – unless you determine to get dental implants first, you will not need surgery to get dental bridges. The bridgework procedure only requires preparing your adjacent teeth to receive dental crowns that support the artificial tooth.
  5. Restoration of optimal functionality – your mouth does not function at its full capability without teeth. Replacing teeth ensures you chew, bite, speak and eat properly.

Does the Dentist You Choose for Your Treatment Matter?

The key to any successful treatment is a properly done procedure. No matter how incredible dental bridges are, if your dentist is not experienced in such dental protocols, the treatment may not be successful. Therefore, prioritize finding the best dental expert for your dental procedure. Some things you should consider are:

  1. Several years of experience working with dental bridges
  2. Acclaimed skills in oral bridgework creation – dental bridges are typically created in a dental laboratory, customized to the patient’s dentitions.
  3. Accreditation and licensing – the right dentist should have the correct documentation to show that they are acknowledged as good at what they do.
  4. Dental facility – even as you review your dentist, consider the environment they work in to deliver necessary services. A dental facility without a dental laboratory may slow down your treatment as you wait for your tooth bridge to be ready. The dental facility your dentist works at should have all the necessary equipment and top-notch technology to care for your dental needs.
  5. Provision for oral surgeries – some patients prefer permanent tooth replacement solutions. Therefore, if you want to get a fixed bridge, you will need implantation surgery to place dental implants first. If your dentist is incapable of offering such a service, you will be doing yourself a disservice. Instead, check out dental experts with versatile skills that can cater to oral surgeries. If not, your dentist should work in a dental facility like Jackson Square Dental Centre, where you can find oral surgeons.
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