Looking for a Family Dentist? Here is What You Should Know

Looking for a Family Dentist? Here is What You Should Know

March 1, 2021

Having regular dental assessments is important for your dental health. The problem is that most people struggle with scheduling an appointment for each member of their family. But, that shouldn’t be a problem anymore. With family dentistry, you can have all your family members assessed with ease.

Before you look for a Family dentistry in Hamilton, ON, here is what you need to know:

1. They are Trained to Address Dental Needs in People of all Ages

Family dentists are general dentists with additional training. They are trained to handle dental needs in all people regardless of age. This means that whether you have a 4-year old or a 70-year old family member, you can have their needs addressed at once.

They are also trained to handle infant oral needs. Infants and toddlers have different dental needs than adults. Having a dentist that understands their oral health is important to your child’s development.

2. They Offer Different Dental Services Under One Roof

Instead of visiting a different dentist each time you need a dental service, you can have your Hamilton dentist address the problem.

A family dentist is your primary dental care provider and they offer various dental services that include:

Preventive services

The main focus of your family dental center is to prevent dental problems before they occur. The preventive services that we offer are geared to maintain your oral health and supporting your teeth and gums. Some of the services that you can enjoy include:

  • Exams and cleaning. It is recommended that you get a comprehensive dental assessment and cleaning every six months. Regular exams help the dentist to detect any dental problem early and begin treatment on time. Professional cleaning, on the other hand, is done to remove plaque buildup and prevent decay and infection.
  • Fluoride treatments. These treatments are recommended for all people but are ideal for people who are at risk of cavities. The fluoride treatments are recommended every three, six, and twelve months depending on your risk factor. Fluoride is a natural cavity fighter and it strengthens the teeth and reduces the risk of decay.
  • Dental sealants. These are plastic coating used on children to reduce the chances of developing cavities. The dentist will apply the coating on the teeth, especially the back teeth because they tend to trap food particles. These sealants are durable and can last for a decade. The primary goal of these sealants is to shield the teeth and protect them from bacterial attacks.

Restorative services

Restorative dental services are used to replace damaged teeth and restore your smile. The dentist uses various treatments to replace missing teeth or the damaged parts of your teeth. Some of the restorative dental services include:

  • Dental fillings. These are used to restore parts of your teeth that are affected by decay. The dentist will remove the decayed part and fix the fillings. These filings are available in different materials and they differ when it comes to cost, appearance, and durability.
  • Dental crowns. The dentists use these caps to encase the teeth and change the size, color, shape, and appearance. These crowns are cemented in place and can last for 10 to 15 years.
  • Dental bridges. These are false teeth used to replace the missing teeth and restore your smile. These bridges are affordable and less invasive, but the enamel needs a bit of reshaping to make room for the crowns.
  • Dentures are removable teeth used to replace multiple missing teeth. The dentures can be partial or complete based on the number of teeth missing.
  • Dental implants. These are implants fixed on the jaw to anchor the false teeth. You need to have sufficient jaw bone for the implants to be fixed.

3. You Can Access Your Dental Records Easily

The family dentist will store all your records, which makes it easy for you to access them. This also enables the dentist to share the information with other dental specialists.

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