3D Imaging for Impressions

3D Dental Imaging For Impressions in Hamilton, ON

3D digital scanners allow the dentist to see a clear and detailed picture of your teeth and surrounding tissue in a way not possible with traditional X-rays or CT scans. Standard techniques can only create a 2D image of your mouth, so they are not useful for taking impressions of your teeth for dentures.

However, with a 3D scan, our dentist at Jackson Square Dental Center can better understand the condition of your teeth and gums so they can formulate the most effective solution for your dental problems.

What Is 3D Dental Imaging?

Dentists have been taking dental impressions with trays and molding material. However, the method could be more convenient and comfortable and yield better impressions. On the other hand, an intraoral dental digital impression scanner quickly and comfortably takes 3D, full-color digital impressions.

The device retrieves computer-generated images that can be viewed immediately by the dentist.

Dentists can use the 3D images created by this technology to make dental impressions that can be used to produce effective restorations like dentures, track gingival changes, and create custom mouthguards. The scans can also help the dentist spot any potential issues early and give you a more accurate treatment plan.

Benefits of 3D Dental Imaging For Impressions

Creating 3D impressions has several advantages over traditional methods. Some of the benefits that 3D technology offers include the following-

  • Increased accuracy for accurate diagnosis
  • Reduction of time required for scanning, it takes less than a minute to take a full 3D scan of your mouth.
  • Minimal radiation exposure
  • Create accurate and comfortable restorations such as dentures and mouthguards

Is 3D Dental Imaging Safe?

Many patients have a justifiable concern regarding radiation safety when undergoing scanning. However, modern scanners used for creating 3D Imaging for impressions in Hamilton, ON, emit less radiation than traditional X-rays. Consequently, modern 3D scanners are much safer than conventional X-rays regarding radiation exposure.

3D scanners are also safer for pregnant women as well as for those patients that have metal implants.

If you are looking for an accurate and safe 3D impression near me, please book an appointment with Jackson Square Dental Center today!