Digital Panoramic

Digital Panoramic X-Rays in Hamilton, ON

Diagnostic x-rays are useful tools in dental care and are used for many reasons. Our reliable dentists near you use digital imaging to identify problems in different parts of the oral cavity.

What Are Panoramic Digital X-Rays?

In contrast to traditional x-rays, digital panoramic x-rays in Hamilton, ON, capture a clear and detailed image of the entire oral cavity, including the upper and lower sets of teeth, temporomandibular joints, jaws, sinuses, and nasal areas.

The advanced dental image technology produces flat images of a curved (the oral cavity and jaws) section, making it easier to identify issues and analyze the problem. The full 360-degree images show fractures, impacted teeth, tumors, abscesses, cysts, and bone abnormalities.

If our experienced dentists at Jackson Square Dental care suspect any of the above problems, we may take a digital panoramic x-ray to identify the location and nature of the problem. Modern dental imaging techniques are key to developing a targeted treatment plan.

Benefits of Digital Panoramic Imaging

Panoramic imaging is especially useful for bite-wing x-rays and is a simple, non-invasive procedure that doesn’t intimidate patients. They offer more coverage for diagnostic purposes than traditional dental x-rays and produce images in a few seconds.

Our highly trained dentist in Hamilton, ON, can store and retrieve the results whenever required.

Digital Panoramic X-Ray near You

These x-rays are different compared to traditional intraoral x-rays in that the machine and film are located outside your oral cavity. Our patient-friendly assistant helps place your head and chin comfortably on a rest while one arm of the machine points towards your face. A bite-blocker helps keep the oral cavity open.

The machine turns itself around your head, starting on one side of your jaw and finishing on the other side. The entire x-ray procedure takes just a few minutes to complete. Dental imaging technology is associated with low radiation levels and is safe for children and adults.

If you have any concerns regarding digital panoramic imaging or dental solutions, please feel free to contact our dentists at Jackson Square Dental Clinic for an appointment.