Mouthguards/ Bite Appliances

Mouth Guards/Bite Appliances in Hamilton, ON

During regular dental exams, our dentists near you will check your oral cavity for signs of wear and tear. We provide customized mouth guards or bite appliances that help protect the oral cavity from wear and tear, injuries and trauma during sports or physical activity.

What Is Bruxism or Teeth Grinding?

Bruxism involves the conscious or unconscious grinding of teeth, mostly during sleep. The condition is known to affect 20 percent to 30 percent of children, though adults may also suffer from bruxism.

Bruxism may be caused due to:

  • Dental abnormalities like missing or chipped teeth
  • Tenderness or weakness in the jaw muscles (TMJ disorders)
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Damage to the underlying bone
  • Stress or anxiety
  • Depression and eating disorders

Our trained dentists in Hamilton, ON, use the latest diagnostic x-ray technology to examine your oral cavity for abnormalities. If your child complains of facial pain or soreness while chewing, please book an appointment at Jackson Square Dental Centre.

Treatments to Correct Bruxism

While many children outgrow the habit, it’s best to consult our highly trained team of dentists for timely treatment. If ignored, teeth clenching can lead to excessive wear and tear, chipped, and sensitive teeth. Chronic bruxism damages tooth enamel and causes fractures.

Our dentists provide mouth guards/bite appliances in Hamilton, ON, that prevent the upper and lower teeth from touching each other. We will take accurate measurements of your oral cavity and provide custom-fitted mouth guards that fit snugly over your teeth.

Personalized Sports Guards

Many sports like football, basketball, ice-skating, cycling, wrestling, boxing, and baseball can cause trauma to your teeth, gums, lips, and tongue. Wearing personalized mouth guards can protect your oral cavity from injury and reduce the risks of permanent tooth loss.

Every patient’s dentition is unique, and this is why it’s best to invest in customized mouth guards/bite appliances near you. If you or your child suffers from sore jaws, headaches, or a misaligned set of teeth, please contact Jackson Square Dental Centre for accurate diagnosis and bruxism treatment.