Partials and Dentures

Partials And Full Dentures In Hamilton, ON

If you need partials and full dentures in Hamilton, ON, call Jackson Square Dental Centre today! We have experienced and caring dentists near you who can help restore your teeth and improve your quality of life.

We use the best procedures and treatment options to ensure that your partials and full dentures provide you with long-lasting service. To meet with our dentists in Hamilton, ON, contact our office to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you get a healthy and lasting smile!

What Is It?

Partials and full dentures restore teeth that are missing or broken. Partials are used to replace one or more teeth, whereas full dentures are designed to replace entire rows of missing teeth, both upper and lower portions.

Investing in partials or full dentures provides you with many benefits, such as:

  1. Restore and improve your face’s structure and features
  2. Ability to eat a wider variety of foods
  3. Ability to eat foods comfortably
  4. Ability to speak better

If you’ve been searching for partials and full dentures near you, please don’t hesitate to call Jackson Square Dental Centre right away. We will be happy to schedule a consultation to determine which treatment is the best for your needs.

Who Needs Partials and Full Dentures?

Patients who have lost any number of teeth may be ready for partials or full dentures. If you have poor oral health and hygiene, partials or full dentures can greatly improve both.

Depending on the status of your teeth, you may be required to have additional work done prior to getting partials or full dentures. This is to ensure that your new replacement teeth properly fit in your mouth.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

The total time it takes to get partials or full dentures is anywhere from three weeks to three months. Since each patient is unique, each treatment time may vary.

At your consultation, we will give you a better idea as to how long you should expect your treatment to take. If you think you are ready for partials or full dentures, Consult with a dentist at our Denture Clinic! We would love to assist you with your dental needs.