The Impact of Orthodontic Braces on Your Jaw Alignment

The Impact of Orthodontic Braces on Your Jaw Alignment

July 13, 2023

You will likely have a bite misalignment if you have misaligned and overcrowded teeth. To fix such problems, orthodontic braces are an effective solution. However, the abovementioned issues can make your jaw, besides your lower facial features, appear uneven.

If you want to correct your jawline and are contemplating whether braces can help change it, you will express joy with the information that orthodontics in Hamilton, ON, can help you achieve your goal. Therefore, if you would like to transform your jawline, kindly arrange a consultation with the Hamilton orthodontist.

Orthodontic Appliances Help Improve Jaw Alignment. You can

If your jaw is not aligned correctly and in a healthy and balanced position, you will encounter problems with underbites, overbites, and crossbites. With an overbite, your top arch and teeth will extend forward, making your chin appear tiny and weak. Similarly, if you have an underbite, your jaw extends forward. A crossbite ensures your lower jaw positions itself to the left or right instead of directly below the top teeth.

Braces help straighten your teeth to improve jaw alignment to help change your jawline shape.

You Get a Sculpted Jawline with Braces

If underbites and overbites make your top or bottom jaw appear protruded, you will likely avoid smiling because it makes you embarrassed with your appearance. It is a problem with many people needing braces because they are self-conscious about their appearance. However, when you decide to have dental braces, the appliances, besides straightening your teeth, make your jawline appear more sculpted, moving it into a healthy position.

Your Facial Symmetry Improves with Braces

Your face will not appear symmetrical when your teeth are unevenly spaced and overcrowded. In addition, if your jaw is not in the ideal position, it makes one side of your face appear lower than the other and makes your lips appear uneven after closing your mouth. However, you get braces, and your teeth begin shifting to change the shape of your face. Not only will the braces improve your bite and jaw position you will also notice your face looking more symmetrical and attractive.

Your Face Receives Help from Braces to Appear Natural

Orthodontic problems like underbites, overbites, and crossbites make it challenging to close your mouth entirely. The challenges also because visual problems with your needs and jawline to make your face appear unnatural. The issue also makes you vulnerable to xerostomia, leaving you with a dry mouth and contributing significantly to lousy breath and periodontal disease.

If braces address bite problems by repositioning your teeth and jaws to correct alignment, your teeth move into ideal positions making your jawline and lips follow suit. In addition, with time, the braces allow you to close your mouth, and your face will appear natural and aesthetically pleasing.

Orthodontic Braces Also Improve Your Bite

The top and bottom teeth should fit together when you bite them. The top and bottom teeth may not touch as usual if you have underbites and overbites. In orthodontic terminologies, it is called a malocclusion or a bad bite. It can cause problems like tooth wear and damage besides TMJ disorders. Braces can help correct your bite and the issue with malocclusion to eliminate the chances of tooth damage and other issues associated with malocclusion. In addition, braces work as orthodontics jaw alignment to reposition your jawline to make your facial shape more attractive.

If you have teeth with spaces between them or think they are misaligned or crowded, you can receive help from orthodontic braces to correct bite problems and make your face appear symmetrical. However, if the issues described affect you or your child, it does not help to ponder about it without seeking assistance from an orthodontic specialist to correct the issues affecting you. Therefore you must schedule an appointment with the Hamilton orthodontist for a free consultation to determine whether braces are suitable to fix the problems challenging you. The meeting with not cost anything but will make you realize that you can confidently reshape your jawline while improving the positioning of your teeth to achieve multiple goals from one therapy.

If your jawline is not symmetrical and your teeth need help contacting each other, Jackson Square Dental Center can help with both issues affecting you or your child by providing orthodontic jaw alignment. In addition, arranging a free consultation with them today will help improve the positioning of your teeth and the alignment of your jaw.