Who Needs to Go for Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Who Needs to Go for Wisdom Tooth Removal?

February 1, 2023

Wisdom teeth are the last adult teeth that come into your mouth. You will find them at the corner of the mouth. They are a total of four wisdom teeth in number. You will find two on the upper jaw and two on the bottom jaw. Growing wisdom teeth is a natural phenomenon.

We can’t predict that they will cause problems inside your mouth. But sometimes, it becomes hard to maintain wisdom teeth due to many reasons. In some people, they can even cause harmful effects. In that case, one has to get the wisdom teeth removed permanently.

Abnormality One Find in Wisdom Tooth Growth

Below are the cases where it is necessary to get your wisdom teeth removed at all costs:

Partial Emergence of Tooth 

Partial tooth emergence is when the tooth doesn’t come out completely. It comes out partially and is difficult to see. In such a situation, one has difficulty cleaning correctly. In the end, it can cause oral infections and diseases.

Wisdom Tooth Underneath the Gums 

Sometimes in some people, the wisdom tooth doesn’t come out normally. It stops its normal growth halfway underneath the gums. It is hard to maintain them when they get hidden completely.

Hidden wisdom teeth are a serious issue because they may lead to the development of a cyst over a period of time. When there is a formation of cysts, it can damage the teeth as well as your jawbone.

Crowded Adjacent Teeth 

Sometimes your mouth inside doesn’t have enough space for wisdom teeth development. In such a case, when a tooth starts coming out, it bothers neighboring teeth. This situation becomes worse over a period of time.

Remove Wisdom Teeth 

Although there is no connection between age with wisdom tooth removal. Usually, people between the age of 15 to 25 have most wisdom tooth-related problems. You will hardly find these problems in people in their late 30s. There is a list of symptoms that you should keep a check on. If you experience any of them, you require wisdom tooth removal.

Pain in the Back Corners of the Mouth 

It is a prominent symptom that you will experience at the very beginning of any problem in the wisdom teeth. Initially, this pain could be mild. Later, it may become severe and persistent.

If you feel it hard over a period, it becomes strong. You should go to your dentist. He/she may suggest you remove the wisdom tooth. For professional advice, you can contact Jackson Square Dental Centre.

Bleeding and Inflammation 

Sometimes wisdom teeth start to erupt. In such cases, they become reddish and swollen in some places. They cause inflammation. In severe cases, there would be bleeding at the backside of your mouth.

When this situation arises, your whole mouth will get disturbed. You will face difficulties with eating as well as maintaining proper oral hygiene. In such a situation, there are chances for other gum diseases.

Formation of Cysts 

Cysts forms usually when wisdom teeth stay hidden under the gums and you ignore them for a period. They are bags of fluids that are quite painful and can damage your jawbone. In case you experience such a situation, you have a strong requirement to go to a dentist and get your impacted wisdom tooth removed.

Overcrowded Teeth 

As you know, overcrowding arises when there is no room available for wisdom tooth development. When they start coming out, the adjacent teeth shift their place, which creates overcrowding inside your mouth. In such a situation, you will face chewing problems. This abnormal growth can lead to an overbite.

Once your teeth become crowded, you will find it very difficult to clean them. Improper cleaning will create many other dental issues. Removing your wisdom teeth permanently by your oral surgeon is the only solution the dental professional recommends.

Don’t Be in Pain 

Pain and discomforts are all the outcomes of distorted wisdom tooth growth. Once they grow inconveniently inside your mouth, they will cause many issues like pain, bleeding, inflammation, crowding of teeth, and much more.

Remove Your Impacted Wisdom Tooth Today

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