Why Digital and Panoramic X-rays Are Better Than Bite-wing X-rays

Why Digital and Panoramic X-rays Are Better Than Bite-wing X-rays

February 1, 2022

Dental X-rays are standard procedures. A dentist puts a piece of plastic into your mouth and lets you bite and take multiple images to show one or several of your teeth. This is just one type of X-ray. However, at our panoramic digital x-ray dental, we will take only one picture of your mouth.

Panoramic X-rays are more comfortable than bite-wing X-rays, especially when the patient feels discomfort in the mouth.

What are Digital and Panoramic X-rays?

A Panoramic X-ray is a two-dimensional X-ray that captures a picture of the patient’s entire mouth in a single image. In addition, the X-ray includes; views of multiple bones of the head and neck, an appearance of all the teeth, and other critical anatomical structures.

Unlike standard dental X-rays, which show a close-up view of the teeth, a panoramic X-ray provides your dentist with a global view of the patient’s head and neck. This view can not only help diagnose chronic dental problems, such as tooth decay or gum disease but also help show your dentist other vital problems that may occur in the surrounding tissues and jaws, such as oral cancer and abnormalities, which are not visible in dental X-rays.

Dental professionals may also ask you to have panoramic dental X-rays to plan treatment, such as implants, dentures, or braces.

Importance of a Panoramic X-ray

There are crucial reasons why your dentist may recommend a digital panoramic x-ray in Hamilton, ON. They include but are not limited to:

Improve Care

With a panoramic X-ray, the dentist can see your neck, jaw, head, neck, and how these parts work together, this means we can more easily identify jaw abnormalities, cancer, growths, cysts, and tumors.

Early Detection

Since panoramic X-rays provide a comprehensive view of your entire mouth, we can detect dental problems early. Early diagnosis translates to a cheaper, minimally invasive treatment rather than catching it later in its progression.

Extend Life

Unfortunately, the mortality rate from oral cancer is very high. That’s because it is usually not detected at an early stage. We can increase the possibility of early diagnosis of oral cancer when using panoramic X-rays.

Discover Changes

Taking panoramic X-rays every five years allows your dentist to determine the changes taking place in your mouth over time. For example, a panoramic x-ray detects teeth movement and any jaw or facial bones abnormalities.

Applicable at Different Stages

For children, panoramic X-rays assess the need for orthodontic care. In teenagers, it allows the dentist to observe how their wisdom teeth grow. For adults, panoramic X-rays are used to detect early warning signs of oral cancer, identify TMJ problems, and have a detailed view of bone abnormalities, growths, and cysts.

Benefits of Panoramic X-ray

Panoramic X-rays can be used for very young children because the film does not have to be in the mouth.

There’s no radiation, unlike with a standard dental x-ray.

They have no side effects.

What Happens During a Panoramic X-ray

Panoramic X-rays are taken outside your mouth, and the operation is simple with minimal radiation. Generally, dental X-rays involve placing the sensor inside your mouth. Then, the panoramic system rotates on the outside of your head.


There’s no special preparation required.

You will have to wear a protective lead apron that protects your body from radiation. Also, you will be asked to remove glasses, jewelry, and any objects that may interfere with the X-ray image.

Pregnant people must inform the dentist since it’s unsafe to perform an x-ray. In addition, radiation may harm the baby, and precautions will have to be taken to prevent damaging the child if necessary.


We will use the chin, forehead, and side to position your head during the panoramic examination. Next, your bite is stabilized, and you’ll open your mouth slightly. Next, the digital panoramic X-ray system rotates in a semicircle around your head, studying your entire mouth and surroundings. This process is non-invasive, simple, and quick, and it takes around 30 seconds.

At Jackson Square Dental Center, we prioritize the oral health of every patient. We employ the best dental techniques and recommend preventive care to keep our patients happy and healthy, including panoramic X-rays. Contact us for more information.